Tuesday 22 May 2007

4WD != Chelsea Tractor

I've just read about about F1 considering allowing turbo charging and 4WD into a future season of F1. I had a quick scan over the comments on the BBC article about this. One comment got my back up. 4WD != Chelsea Tractor.
Not for road cars does it imply that nor does it even hint at that for race cars, see the fantasic Audi R8 and R10 as prime examples of where 4WD is used in a really efficient race car for significant performance advantage. Or the original Audi Pikes-Peak cars or the Audi 80/A4 cars in touring car seasons gone by.

So repeat after me:
4WD != Chelsea Tractor.
4WD != Chelsea Tractor.
4WD != Chelsea Tractor.

in the interests of full disclosure my car is an Audi A4 Quattro :-)

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